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Twenty years of Opening Packs

Posted: 16th July 2013 by Mike Hargreaves in Magic the Gathering
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Magic the Gathering; love it or hate it; opened up a whole new gaming experience to hobby gamers twenty years ago today. On this day in history… Now I can’t say I was opening magic cards on this day twenty years ago, but I do remember opening my first pack. It was a few weeks […]

Hogwarts is not the only school of magic in our fandom. Whether it’s the unseen university or an apprenticeship to a hermetic mage, wizards often learn their spells and incantations through some kind of schooling. Within my own setting I have reworked the different schools of magic many times. Redefining Sorcery, or Witchcraft as required. […]

Winning is for losers

Posted: 29th April 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Dominion
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I’m a terribly lucky guy. I have an ongoing contest with my wife, playing a protracted series of Dominion games. And I’m losing. At present there’s about 60 points in it. Nikki 987 Points Mike 928 points And we’re mid game as we take a break to get some chores done. At this point in […]