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In Service

Posted: 10th February 2014 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice, Religion, Story Idea
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Today’s tweet inspires us to include religious service in the story for Paladins before battle – here’s a flash fiction I wrote with this in mind. As Clark stepped past the two guards by the entrance, and through the tent flap, the sound of the drums and pipes from inside washed out over the camp. […]

A Weapon-a-day – King Killer

Posted: 20th January 2014 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice, Story Idea
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Today’s tweet suggested there is a land where Kings cannot be killed except by a special sword. Enchantment on that sword and the bloodlines of the region’s royal families link them in a very intricate way.  There was a time when assassination was rife. No nation had the stability to grow or prosper. Younger siblings […]

A good portion of my Role Playing upbringing was spent playing Paranoia. Look it up. Mongoose now hold the rights to the game and their updated rules set is a great system. In those early days of my hobby it was all just juvenile fun but looking at the format of the game I have […]