Eberron Primer

Posted: 27th June 2019
by Mike Hargreaves in Uncategorized

What do you need to know about the Eberron setting?

It’s a D&D world, but with action and adventure more in line with either the Pulp or Noir styles you might associate with Indiana Jones or Casablanca.

You will be the heroes, and you will fight the monsters and villains, but the lines might be a little more blurred than you are used to.

The Eberron setting shares a lot of its style with games like Shadowrun…

Don’t get me wrong here – I am calling on the themes in Shadowrun not just the Magic and Tech flavour.

The Last War
Eberron as a world has just come out of a civil war that raged across the continent of Khovaire. Hostilities that had lasted for around a century ceased only a handful of years ago. Everyone has been involved in the war to such an extent that peace is an almost alien concept. Many doubt this calm will hold, common expectations are that hostility could easily start again any day. Higher within the governments of each nation the peace is maintained, yet there is also a cold war brewing, where the conflict is shifting to espionage and intrigue.

Multi National Corporations
There are twelve Dragon Marked houses that act like multi-national corporations. Many of these houses prospered financially during the war, selling services to each of the nations. As they adapt to the changes of peace they are finding their power almost eclipses the traditional monarchs and governments around them.

Industrial Magic
The Magic and Tech you find in Shadowrun might at first glance compare with the look of Eberron, but this is not simply Steampunk Shadowrun. Eberron is a world where the reliability of arcane magic has lead to an industrial revolution. Society has sought out solutions to it’s pressing concerns, and magic has answered those needs. This is not a world with more magic than your usual D&D campaign, it is just that the magic has a wider application.

Practical applications have been industrialised. Arcane artifice fulfils many of the common uses we have in our world. So Eberron is a place that feels a little bit like home, with Lightning Rail trains, Elemental bound Airships, and solutions for lighting your home, communicating at long distance, and getting your best clothes laundered are all available on the open market.

Alignment isn’t a racial trait
You are a unique individual within your species, and you have your own desires, urges and flaws. So too does every Goblin, Orc, Troll or even Medusa. And while the lives they have led may be more inclined to an evil alignment you can’t just assume every Gnoll is evil.

If you can find it in D&D you can find it on Eberron
The setting was designed so that everything you might expect to find in D&D could have a home. Although when you find that home you might discover that there’s something different going on.

I’ll follow up this article with a few specific pointers, what I think of as the DC5 information that most people would have.

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