The Auras – Mutant group

Posted: 26th February 2016
by Mike Hargreaves in Uncategorized
A bunch of luddite-mutants.
They emit a glowing aura around them that interferes with electronics. Scrambling wifi and phone signals. Causing power outages and electrical surges. Uncontrollably wreaking havoc on any community that depends on technology.
Amongst them there are other mutations, great strength, psychic powers. Nothing disfiguring about them, the disgust grows from the inconvenience they cause, and the distrust promoted by the media.
Factions within their number gather together and a leader directs their efforts in an almost terrorist manner. With strategic attacks on facilities in major urban centres.
The media truly pumps out the hate on them all, even though it is only a small number that are active in the faction.
Shunned already, and now hated too, the innocent try to eek out subsistence living in low tech environments. Some latch on to religions such as the Amish where their glowing countenance and aversion to technology fit in well. Others linger on the outskirts of the cities trying to make ends meet without the use of technology.

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