Winning is for losers

Posted: 29th April 2012
by Mike Hargreaves in Dominion
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I’m a terribly lucky guy. I have an ongoing contest with my wife, playing a protracted series of Dominion games. And I’m losing.

At present there’s about 60 points in it.

Nikki 987 Points

Mike 928 points

And we’re mid game as we take a break to get some chores done.

At this point in the war I am making a determined effort to catch up with her. You see I’ve been too distracted with cool tactics and experimenting with different cards. I’m playing Dominion in the style of a Magic Johnny Combo player. Where as Nikki is much more focused on buying all the provinces and just raking in the points.

The three stereotype players, (Timmy, Johnny and Spike) defined by Mark Rosewater cross over into other games.

I guess the point of todays post is I married a Spike.