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Today’s tweet introduced the idea of abandoned locations being placed where intrigue can occur.

Talking about abandoned warehousing as a place where spies can arrange dead drops, but also available for the secret labs of evil genius’ or meeting places for underground rebels.

I thought I’d expand on the idea that some super villain was using the warehouse as a base and had all his lab equipment set up there.

One day while the evil Professor Mocker is robbing a diamond shipment, or something, a group of kids accidentally discover his hidden lab.

Kai, Peter, Will, Katie and Devon are a pretty normal bunch of kids ranging from 8 to 11 years old. Good friends who all have similar interests and argue and fight and stick up for each other. They have a great time playing with all the devices and pretending to be in charge of a spaceship. When they broke a screen it all stopped being fun and they ran off. The kids thought they would get into trouble but the police didn’t come for them and after a week or so they started to plan on going back.

On the day that the rest set off for the warehouse Devon is kept home to do chores. Unfortunately the others end up kidnapped by Professor Mocker who wants them to tell him what they did with a device that he’s lost. None of them know anything about it but he won’t believe them. What none of the others know is that Devon took a gizmo from the lab and has it at his home.

These missing kids might not show up on the superhero’s radar. But here’s a few ways to bring them in.

  • The secret identity of one of the hero’s lives on Devon’s street, potentially knows the kid and sees him playing with the gizmo.
  • Friends of the hero’s secret identity are volunteering to help search the nearby area for the kids.
  • One of the police officers reports something suspicious that flags up on the Superhero’s HQ computer.
  • Following up on the diamond heist they find the kids in some stasis cells in Mocker’s Lab.
  • Something in the background of the news coverage catches the attention of one of the Heroes.

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