Godstone Mine

Posted: 31st January 2014
by Mike Hargreaves in Advice, Story Idea
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In the last tweet for this weeks topic we delve underground and see what we can dig up.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 17.32.41Deep in a mine a new kind of stone has been unearthed. The remains of a fallen god, fossilised over ages, have been carved out of the rock. The local guild had no idea what the new stones were, but the towns folk soon started to use them in various ways but mainly as fuel and jewellery.

Hearth fires burned the more course stones, food was cooked over it’s flames, and the town’s industries were powered by boilers filled with godstone.

One lady in the village started mounting the stones into jewellery, in particular she made her grand daughter a tiara. All the young women wanted to have similar head wear and the jewellery became quite a trend.

Today the ruins of the city that developed there are dead and almost forgotten. The mine entrance itself has been collapsed. Buried in the dark depths are many of the godstone jewellery items, returned to the tunnel where the stones had been found.

Leading Questions

Why were the jewels returned to the mine?

What rumours are told about the ghost town near Godstone Hill?

Which God was cast from the Pantheon and died under that hill?

Are there other fallen gods buried elsewhere?

What powers did the godstone jewels bestow on those young women?

When the godstone was used as fuel did it have any effect on the atmosphere of the town?
Was there a god awful smog?


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