Todays tweeted weapon is a whip called Foulscribe.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 10.19.14Someone fashioned a bull-whip from the flesh of a demon, curing that flesh into leather strips and then weaving them together to make the weapon. The name comes from the additional effect that when the whip scars a persons flesh it does so in a distinctly legible pattern. The whip scars profane and diabolic text into it’s victims skin. Some times the wound will be a single word, other times as long as a sentance or couplet. Some phrases are more common than others. Foulscribe can be as random as a fortune cookie or as personal as an apt insight into the victims darkest fears.

This text may be prophetic, or quotes from some evil tome. The words may not be in a language the victim understands, or it might be gibberish. In any case any attempt to read the wound, even accidentally, will result in some loss of sanity. Night terrors may haunt those who cannot understand the words on their skin. For the scholar that manages to piece together what the scar says even greater dementia awaits.

Scaring over the words, or carving them out of the flesh won’t work. The words appear to be wounds to the soul that come through time and again whenever the flesh heals. Foulscribe’s words always appear as the top most scarring.


fashioned a bull-whip

from the flesh of a


Leading Questions

Who is evil enough to put into motion a plan that ends with this weapon?

Was the text scarring effect deliberate or a scary accident?

Can we assume the demon didn’t survive the process of making Foulscribe?

If the demon did survive, or was responsible for the creation, is it seeking the weapon?

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