Today’s tweet is a little on the surreal side, if you didn’t notice.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 11.20.30A firearm that is, itself, a representation of the concept of Gun-ness has subtle abilities that work well in games that play with the narrative element of reality. This gun won’t fit in all systems and settings. So lets take a look at why and where it will.

image_2First lets examine the power this gun has. By being the ideal of guns any characteristic a gun can have this gun has: A pop up scope, a laser sight, a safety switch. Even contradictory features such as a six shooter’s barrel and an automatic’s magazine could be found on this gun. Yet it still works. It can be a shotgun, sniper rifle, machine-gun or two shot derringer. It can be any gun you expect and it can be as full of ammo as you imagine. Great to start with but that’s not all.
This gun defines what other people expect guns to be like. It can leak characteristics onto other guns.

Everyone knows guns have safety catches, not all guns of course but most modern ones. But if the Concept Gun has a safety catch then so do other guns, and if you imagine your safety is on then so is theirs. The concept gun can run out of ammo, and as such if it is empty then other guns will be empty.  The concept gun can jam, and if it is jammed then so too are other guns around it.

As you can see this Platonic Ideal Power Set drifts significantly away from real world physics. It would be suitable for games such as Mage, Over the Edge, Esoterrorists, Unknown Armies; also settings like The X-files, Fringe, Ghostbusters, Warehouse 13, The lost room and even many super hero settings.

Having an NPC antagonist use this gun to inconvenience the players, would be the best way to introduce it. Potentially giving them a few other platonic ideal items, or even the utility belt of Ideal Gadgets.

Over all this can be a tough one to comprehend, so dabble in this area of surreal with care. But in the right hands and right setting this kind of narrative device can make for interesting stories.

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