Today’s tweet suggested there is a land where Kings cannot be killed except by a special sword. Enchantment on that sword and the bloodlines of the region’s royal families link them in a very intricate way.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 16.25.17 There was a time when assassination was rife. No nation had the stability to grow or prosper. Younger siblings seeking the throne would poison their older brothers and foreign nations would take out the king to weaken the nation. At this period’s darkest time a light of reason shone out. A great mage visited the palaces and castles of each kingdom and placed upon the blood lines of the kings a blessing. They would be protected from any form of assassination, ensuring that there would be stability in the throne rooms.

That mage also enchanted a sword. This sword was immune to the enchantment and could be used to kill kings. Anyone wielding the sword must have the conviction that they intend to kill a king, or else it will not allow itself to be drawn. Any attempt to use the sword for anything that does not threaten the life of a monarch is resisted by the sword’s animation. If the wielder is attacked the sword will allow them to defend themselves but only if they are fulfilling it’s one purpose. But it only allows attacks that threaten the king.

The existence of the sword was kept secret, by an order of monks that keep it hidden away in a hard to reach/quest appropriate area. They do not object to the sword being used, allowing petitioners to carry the sword out of their care. They watch and retrieve the sword whether the attack succeeds or not. They only care that the sword not be unaccounted for.

Quest Ideas

The party are hired to steal the sword with no idea of it’s purpose. The monks would probably be hooded figures with sharp combat skills ready at a moments notice to defend their hide out and the sword.

The major villain of the campaign is in truth the rightful king by birth, but was stolen away by a dark cult as a baby. While he continues to plot against the nation, a questing bunch of adventurers discover that the only way to kill him is with the King Killer

The party find a letter warning of an attack on a mysterious monastery, and try to get to the location before the approaching raiders from a neighbouring country. They arrive too late but a dying friar explains the importance of tracking down the sword.