Today’s tweet about Litterbug gets a little more detail –

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.16.55A team at Quasar Inc. working with the hero Mentor have been working on ways to improve conditions in the city. From the very highest of priorities to the very lowest. One of the technicians, a Sandra Gallup, has been working on a project off the books, a micro-cluster nanite droid that can identify and collect trash and rubbish. It achieves this by using some of Mentors tractor beams and force field projectors. The droid identifies trash and then tractor beams it into the force field. It places the rubbish in into locations that allow it to take on useful forms/shapes that help it to get around the city and collect more trash.

Litterbug started small and was a kind of pet that scooped up dust bunnies and other dirt and trash around Sandra’s office. But it got out into the rest of the facility and before anyone knew it the amount of trash it had gathered was larger than the prototype was intended to have access to. As it moved with the bulk it created small accidents which produced more trash until eventually it upset a more sizeable experiment and caused a major explosion. The resulting building damage and debris was scooped into the droid’s forcefield significantly increasing it in size.

The heroes are alerted to an explosion at Quasar Labs in the science park and arrive to find a large debris monster stomping through the blast crater and away towards town. Litterbug is following a subroutine that has not been available for it to fulfil before and is heading towards the city dump to deposit it’s collected trash. It has no idea of it’s size and will flatten a number of other buildings along the way, continuing to increase in size as it goes.