The last class in this weeks five outlaw characters is the warrior.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 09.59.48I had thought about a highway bandit but wanted to come up with a character that had more of a reason to go on adventures. The tweet describes an arena warrior that has run away from the gladiator slave camps and is delving dungeons as a way to stay out of sight and to use their skills. I imagine the warrior would have experience fighting many of the monsters you expect to find in a dungeon, having faced many beasts in the arena.

Some kind of tattoo on their skin might mark them as owned by a wealthy family, like a racehorse but a stable of arena slaves. Visits to large towns and cities would be difficult, a disguise would be needed to avoid detection. City guards would react badly if they catch an escaped “killer” and consider them a danger to the public.

The idea of arena slaves also introduces the idea of slavery in general. Something that could prove uncomfortable for some players. But if it fits in your group then take a few queues from Spartacus and other sources. Try to work out if the fighter cares about the emancipation of all slaves or just their own freedom. If they do lead a rebellion against the slave industry then the leaders of that industry will want to deal with that uprising quickly.

For a fantasy world moving through the emancipation of  its slaves read the Guardians of the Flame series by Joel Rosenberg.