In the second tweet of this weeks characters I suggested a Cleric that steals unholy relics.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 16.47.35The zealot that steals the icons and trophies of false gods from neighbouring faiths makes for an interesting dungeon crawler. I like to work some element of faith into a cleric’s character, asking the question – Why do they go adventuring? In this case a driving force for that decision is returning with and ritually destroying unholy relics. Like a religiously motivated Indiana Jones, this character goes into forgotten shrines and dungeons to retrieve objects of power that should not be.

I can imagine this studious clerk studying heretical manuscripts and forbidden tomes to learn the whereabouts of the lost Hand of Vecna. Quests to retrieve more tomes and further clues for the locating of these items would also motivate the character.

The actions of such a priest would eventually cause difficulty, border crossings might get troublesome when the Missing Eye of Io turns up amongst the items in your luggage. Enemy faiths may know of the cleric by reputation, prophets and seers may point him out for stoning as you walk through the streets of foreign cities. Even deities may pay unwanted attention if their artefacts are being purged in high enough numbers.

And then the rest of the party may take issue with their cleric zealously destroying all the best magic items. The Sword of Bheleu might be a fine blade for a fighter but it must be destroyed in the eyes of the cleric. There should be plenty of interaction with the party, with the cleric proving themselves indispensable to counter the animosity felt by the other Player Characters when their favourite toys get smashed to pieces.