This week I’m tweeting 5 PC ideas all of which will be thieves or outlaws.

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In the first tweet I imagined a dilettante rogue, with a touch of Casanova and the Scarlet Pimpernel. A rascal who worked his charms on The Queen of Thieves, an NPC I imagined as the head of some society of thieves. That leaves a lot of room to imagine what kind of title “Queen of Thieves” is and the kind of society she leads. Our hero has cut all ties with this society by stealing from the woman at the head but their involvement in his story is still implicit. In my mind the Queen is a rogue done well, a shrewd woman of less years than would be expected. She has brought together a parody of a royal court where she maintains a network of criminal activity that spans a significant portion of the campaign setting.

The Queen of Thieves sent out a gang of enforcers to bring our hero back, as he has stolen a jewel encrusted heart. Whether this is an actual gem or a lie tied to the truth of her heart being stolen by the PC I leave to be settled later. But the GM will gain an antagonist group that can be thrown at the party in the shape of these bounty hunters. If the party successfully repels the first wave of thugs then the price on their rogues head may increase and more groups will try to collect.

The bounty will begin as a hidden detail, with only the closest members of the Queens court being aware of the scandal. As the rogue evades capture or further thwarts her attempts at capturing him the bounty will be made more open. Eventually every thief and cutpurse in the land will know about it, and before too long mercenaries and other groups of adventurers will be drawn in.

The rogues value to the party may falter if not played with care, but it makes a nice change to being wanted by the city guards.

No doubt there are other ways to go from the starting point – let me know how you would have developed the story.