Today I’m going to expand on the Supervillain tweet from this morning.

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What if Ada Lovelace was cryogenically frozen in a bodysuit of steampunk valves and pipes. She has bonded with the steampunk cryosuit and lost her mind through the process. Imagine the Borg Queen but in a victorian outfit. Something like a skin tight diving suit that has lots of cogs and gears, and tubing to carry coolant. She has some of Herbert West’s research and some of the Technology from Dr Munoz from Cool Air. Her condition provides her withan array of ice powers and an affinity with mechanisms. I see her being called Ice Queen.

Ok so lets bring her into the modern world – Her body is discovered in a collection of victoriana found on the ruins of the Titanic. That kinda thing is never good but at least they didn’t bring Jack with her. Lets also posit that she was secretly Charles Babbage’s lover. They had arranged that Babbage was supposed to join her but he died before he could be preserved. Her motives are part mechanical, part maniacal. I hinted in the tweet that she wants to reanimate Babbage in a robot body. She’s in luck, they saved Babbage’s brain. (I always wanted to say that).

They saved Babbage’s brain.

(For real) Half of Babbage’s brain is preserved at the Hunterian Museum in the Royal College of Surgeons in London. The other half of Babbage’s brain is on display in the Science Museum, London. So she’d need to break into both of these locations. Ada will attempt to steal the half of his brain from the science museum, and then the other half from royal college. When the two parts are united she will join them with a difference robot and resurrect him. What the pair will get up too once they are reunited I leave to you.

Cheesy Comic Book Titles 

The Ice Queen Cometh
Brain Freeze
A Robot with a Difference


Ada Lovelace
Charles Babbage
Herbert West
Doctor Munoz