Magic the Gathering; love it or hate it; opened up a whole new gaming experience to hobby gamers twenty years ago today.

On this day in history…

Now I can’t say I was opening magic cards on this day twenty years ago, but I do remember opening my first pack. It was a few weeks before my brothers birthday, (that year I presume) and we were in Nottingham looking for something he’d like for a gift.

We spotted the shelf display for Magic the Gathering (Alpha Starters), in the original arcane book design boxes, and I offered to buy him one there and then, as it looked like it might be something fun.

The store had only sold one other starter, so Dave got the second box of Magic in town. When he opened it we realised you needed a box per player – so I quickly went back in and got the third box.

We were playing within hours.

Trading out whole colours so we could play our favourites.

A week or so later we found the guy who had bought that first deck, he hadn’t found anyone to play, we gave him a couple of games and swapped a few cards.

Years later we realised that meant Dave and I were the first people to play Magic the Gathering in Nottingham. At least that’s how I tell it.

On August the 2nd this year there will be a global effort to share the experience of opening magic cards. Wizards have a page discussing this check it here.

PS: Oh I let me brother have the first turn, so if you want he gets the ultimate Kudos there.