Welcome to the blog for my new site The First City.

I’ll spend a little time talking about games and stories here, the power of narrative and the methods used in successfully weaving people’s interest into the story you are telling.

Also you can expect me to stray into elements of Geek culture, as I see fit.


This weekend has been one in which I have taken on a new element of Geek Chic – I’m now trying to get to know Siri. The digital assistant, the pocket deamon, the imp-ersonal aide that Apple have provided with my latest mobile phone upgrade.

I feel that her (yes I switched to the American Australian voice) ability to take dictation may need a little work. But I realiesed as the struggled with my somewhat morphic accent that this technological language barrier may allow me a new method of accessing the Cutups project.

So I will be giving Siri some note taking tasks and seeing if she can manage to match what I have in mind. But when she cant I will share her attempts here with you. With some suitable translation, and some directions that her ramblings may take us in storytelling and GMing.

Hope you like what you find.