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The unexamined game is not worth playing

Posted: 30th April 2013 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice, Story Idea
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A Socratic View of Role Playing and Hobby Gaming I find myself with more ideas for games than opportunity to make notes and build them. More seeds for campaigns than I have time to prepare and write them out. I’m in a position where the creative urge has to be throttled, disciplined and constrained. With […]

The next New Shiny – Parallel Fantasy Campaign

Posted: 16th April 2013 by Mike Hargreaves in Uncategorized

My next game… I pause as I type this, not wanting to jinx the last few sessions of my Traveller campaign. My next game will be a fantasy game. Highly narrative with a clear episodic format. UPDATE – The Traveller campaign ended well. Prep for the next campaign well under way now. UPDATE – Three […]