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Barnum Statement – You want to make a difference

Posted: 30th May 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice
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One of the major appeals to role playing games is the ability to effect the storyline. You get to make an impact in a fantasy world where your character empowers you in ways you are powerless here in real life. That feeling of significance that we all seek makes us feel we have made a […]

Outer Space

Posted: 22nd May 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Traveller
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Take a look at Planetary Resources. It’s a start towards another branch of gaming future. And its real. Mining the asteroids is a story element familiar to Traveller, EVE and many other Sci-Fi gaming. And this company (Planetary Resources) is bringing what seems like a distant future into sharp focus.

Early adopter behavior

Posted: 12th May 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Cyberpunk
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VHS and Betamax Laser Disc and Mini Disc Blu-Ray and Netflicks iPods and Androids In every breakthrough in technology there are alternate branches or solutions. Those who leap into the new with a brave thrust and adopt new tech early sometimes regret their enthusiasm. After all you might back the wrong horse. When it comes […]

Dark Dungeon Stamps

Posted: 3rd May 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Religion
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The following are from my deviantart account, and reference Dark Dungeons.

Brain Washing Rant

Posted: 2nd May 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Religion
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The follow is a rant from two years ago. I include it here as it’s on topic. Brain Washing Rant March 12 – 2010 I was recently re-reading William Schnoebelen’s essay on the dangers of D&D “Straight Talk on Dungeons and Dragons”. It’s an article of it’s time, demonising the role-playing hobby, supporting the Mothers […]