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A good portion of my Role Playing upbringing was spent playing Paranoia. Look it up. Mongoose now hold the rights to the game and their updated rules set is a great system. In those early days of my hobby it was all just juvenile fun but looking at the format of the game I have […]

Winning is for losers

Posted: 29th April 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Dominion
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I’m a terribly lucky guy. I have an ongoing contest with my wife, playing a protracted series of Dominion games. And I’m losing. At present there’s about 60 points in it. Nikki 987 Points Mike 928 points And we’re mid game as we take a break to get some chores done. At this point in […]

Extrapolate to accumulate

Posted: 25th April 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Cyberpunk
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Technology has taken a path few could have predicted. Where we are today gives us a launching point for the worlds of tomorrow. Yesterday’s predictions put our characters in worlds that are almost laughable. Take the hacker with his deck in a game of Cyberpunk. The phone I’m writing this entry on would serve as […]

Traveller Audio Revision

Posted: 24th April 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Traveller
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Learning a new game has always been a bit of a problem for me. I read through the manual and the rules just dont stick in my mind. But I’ve realised that I can process audio better than text. So using the Voice Memo app on my phone I’m reading the rules to myself in […]

Hear me speak pocket deamon

Posted: 23rd April 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Uncategorized
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Welcome to the blog for my new site The First City. I’ll spend a little time talking about games and stories here, the power of narrative and the methods used in successfully weaving people’s interest into the story you are telling. Also you can expect me to stray into elements of Geek culture, as I […]