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No good rotten scum – A Cleric

Posted: 9th January 2014 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice, Story Idea
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In the second tweet of this weeks characters I suggested a Cleric that steals unholy relics. The zealot that steals the icons and trophies of false gods from neighbouring faiths makes for an interesting dungeon crawler. I like to work some element of faith into a cleric’s character, asking the question – Why do they […]

No good rotten scum – A Rogue

Posted: 8th January 2014 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice, Story Idea
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This week I’m tweeting 5 PC ideas all of which will be thieves or outlaws. In the first tweet I imagined a dilettante rogue, with a touch of Casanova and the Scarlet Pimpernel. A rascal who worked his charms on The Queen of Thieves, an NPC I imagined as the head of some society of […]

A Campaign for Algernon

Posted: 7th January 2014 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice

I used to have a high opinion of myself. I felt my GM skill set was pretty good, and based on the feed back my players gave I thought this was a fair assessment. This was at a time in life when my confidence would have been in it’s early fragile and developmental stages. So […]

Hogwarts is not the only school of magic in our fandom. Whether it’s the unseen university or an apprenticeship to a hermetic mage, wizards often learn their spells and incantations through some kind of schooling. Within my own setting I have reworked the different schools of magic many times. Redefining Sorcery, or Witchcraft as required. […]

Conspiracy X Campaign in a pretty package The above link leads to a video that really does bring out a huge amount of Crazy. I do not support the views expressed in the video. But a lot of it could go a long way to establishing a Conspiracy X campaign.

The unexamined game is not worth playing

Posted: 30th April 2013 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice, Story Idea
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A Socratic View of Role Playing and Hobby Gaming I find myself with more ideas for games than opportunity to make notes and build them. More seeds for campaigns than I have time to prepare and write them out. I’m in a position where the creative urge has to be throttled, disciplined and constrained. With […]

Multi-Level Reveals

Posted: 13th September 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice, Traveller

Amongst the three players in my Traveller campaign I have one who is willing to negotiate dubious business without the input of his crew mates. This was a great chance to implement a multi-level reveal. I had him approached by a bounty hunter. With us both in character we negotiated openly at the table with […]

How would you have run the following scene? Here’s how I think it would have gone. Mike is playing Marty. Chris is Playing Emmet. Robert is running the game. Unknown to Mike, Robert has talked with Chris about the coming session. Something is going to happen in this early chapter of the campaign. The session […]

Whats all this Barnum Talk?

Posted: 5th July 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice

Somethings are true for all people. Or appear to be true in all cases. There are somethings that you and I share. And probably some characteristics that you have in common with your character. Barnum statements are statements that subjectively apply to all of us. Here’s an example of a Barnum Statement – You have […]

Rescuing princesses from castles is just the done thing. It’s heroic. Kingdoms generally are thankful and praise the knight or plumber who risks the dangers associated with such quest. While not every game focuses on the righting of wrongs, the opportunity is present through play to explore the moral landscape. The player has to come […]