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The feeling that you just cant win.

Posted: 23rd January 2013 by Mike Hargreaves in Traveller

In the traveller game the crew have been brought to the point where they have a moral dilemma. I find the best Sci Fi story lines are based on a moral dilemma. Last night after the usual winter break we returned to the game. After taking rather longer than usual to get everyone into character […]

Multi-Level Reveals

Posted: 13th September 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Advice, Traveller

Amongst the three players in my Traveller campaign I have one who is willing to negotiate dubious business without the input of his crew mates. This was a great chance to implement a multi-level reveal. I had him approached by a bounty hunter. With us both in character we negotiated openly at the table with […]

Outer Space

Posted: 22nd May 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Traveller
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Take a look at Planetary Resources. It’s a start towards another branch of gaming future. And its real. Mining the asteroids is a story element familiar to Traveller, EVE and many other Sci-Fi gaming. And this company (Planetary Resources) is bringing what seems like a distant future into sharp focus.

Traveller Audio Revision

Posted: 24th April 2012 by Mike Hargreaves in Traveller
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Learning a new game has always been a bit of a problem for me. I read through the manual and the rules just dont stick in my mind. But I’ve realised that I can process audio better than text. So using the Voice Memo app on my phone I’m reading the rules to myself in […]